Individual & Relationship counselling


There are many challenges in life that bring us to counselling. Talking to a trained counsellor can be invaluable in understanding issues, where they came from but also I work with a focus on change. Sometimes it is not enough to just be listened to, therapeutic guidance can enable you make the changes you need to live the life the way you would like to. I have many years of experience and use the theoretical approach that works for you.

In addition I work with relationships, I have over 10 years experience with Relate. Relationships go through many changes, some from circumstances, marriage, having children, job changes, house moves, health, bereavement… we are all in them but they are often not easy…

Both individuals and couples can benefit from relationship counselling. The key to a good relationship is understanding our partners and ourselves and how we relate to each other.

This can be helpful within a committed relationship where both the couple attend or for an individual whether in an ongoing relationship or one that has finished. Relationships also include families where an understanding of how we relate to the other gives us choices of behaviour when we can feel very stuck in a negative dynamic.

Communication is key in being able to meet each other’s needs but sometimes we seem to be talking different languages and struggle to understand our partner. We learn what to do (and what not to do) from our families and sometimes this is not helpful when we come to building our own relationships.

A couple may want to stay together, but struggle to get over an event, such as an affair or a loss. Often if we don’t have an understanding we keep revisiting trying to resolve it. This is where a trained psychotherapist can help by looking from the outside and offering new ways of seeing things, plus skills to resolve long standing problems.

I have helped many individuals and couples to improve their connection and intimacy with one another. Finding new and enjoyable ways to work as a couple or as a family. This usually benefits all areas of your life as work and friends start to improve as well and we gain an understanding of how we interact with others.


Qualifications and Experience

I have an MA in family counselling and a PgDip in Couple Counselling with the Relate Institute. I work for Relate Cambridge as a Psychosexual Supervisor. I have also trained Couple Counsellors in addition to Sex Therapists for the Relate Institute.

BBC Radio Quote

Relationship are key to living a happy life, we need them for love and support. The more we invest in them the more we get back from them….

Nicola Buchanan – BBC Radio Cambridge